UX designer interviews are quite simple at GitLab. There are no trick questions—but here are two 'basic' ones that tell us a lot about you.

We won’t ask you how many golf balls fit in a bus or how many times a day a clock’s hands overlap – nothing like what Google became famous for. While there’s some value in seeing how candidates react to curve-ball questions, they don’t really add much to a 45-minute interview. We also won’t ask you to attend an all-day session with a series of interviewers.

I think the hiring process at GitLab is way simpler and more efficient. A successful candidate has to go through four stages of interviewing before receiving an offer. Altogether, we spend around 2-3 hours with them, so we need to ask the right questions to be efficient.

I’m so confident in the efficiency of these questions that I’m completely okay with sharing these publicly. What you answer matters less than how you answer them.

I wrote this article for the GitLab blog, read the full story here.