UX designers struggle to prove the value of their work when arguments like “user experience is hard to measure” or “how can you prove that it’s better?” start flying around. Let’s take a look at three methods that can help us prove that our work does make a difference.

“Data-driven” is all the rage at the moment, everyone wants a slice of the “big data” cake. Data scientists are the new rock stars, replacing the JavaScript and Front-end gurus and ninjas from a few years back. My problem with trends like these is that they cause the so called “tunnel-vision”. Thing x is a trend right now and we should do that too because,… you know… everyone’s doing it.

It seems like at the moment, companies take pride in how “data-driven” they are. It must be a good thing, because big, fancy companies claim to be so. All these companies risk ending up in a tunnel where quantitative tests claim to provide the answers to all questions. But there’s a reason why there’s a qualitative way of acquiring feedback. The quantitative tests are good in providing information about the ‘what’, but they usually can’t give us an answer to the ‘why’. This is exactly where the qualitative side comes in.

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